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Chakra Check-In



of my favorite self-care practices is meditation, specifically a Chakra focused one. Anytime we can give attention to particular parts of our body system to ensure balance and energy, we can go through our lives off the mat with a sense of alignment and connection. The more we practice, the more we can listen to our bodies and make the right decisions to support our overall health. 

Find a comfortable seat and get ready for some Chakra love and positive affirmations. If you would like this meditation read aloud to you in its entirety as a guided meditation, please visit the Podcast, episode 1.

Allow your eyes to comfortably close, and come down into your breath, into your body, relaxing your belly, softening your mind.

Breathe down to where the weight of your body rests, below the base of your spine – to your root - your Chakra of Belonging. Breathe into that space, your Root. Let it soften and gently expand on your breath, taking in nourishment and life force energy. 

Allow your Root to connect down to ground below, deep into the earth. And invite in the color red – the color of the earth. Bathe your Root with red: empowering, embodying, grounding you in the ‘here and now’. Let your Root take what it needs. Now say to yourself “I AM” 

I am safe, I am secure, I am grounded

I belong in this world, I have all that i need

I am where I need to be, I am at peace with my surroundings - with the people and events that occur

I trust more and fear less

When you are ready, allow your awareness to move up to your belly. Just below your navel, to your Sacral region - your chakra of emotional intelligence, choice, creativity, movement and pleasure. 

Place your hands here and breathe. Let it gently soften and expand on your breath, taking in nourishment and life force energy. Invite in orange – the color of the setting sun. Bathe it with orange, balancing, empowering, motivating. Let your Sacral chakra be fed. Now say, I FEEL.

I acknowledge my uniqueness. I am a sensual and creative being.

I attract only whole and nurturing relationships into my life.

My senses are alive and connected.

I embrace life with passion and feel abundant joy.

I am radiantly beautiful, healthy and strong.

Move your awareness up to the soft area below your breast bone, – to your Solar Plexus - your chakra of personal power. 


Breathe into here, allowing your solar plexus to soften and expand on your breath. And invite in the colour yellow – the colour of sunshine. Bathe your Solar Plexus with sunshine, replenishing, restoring, nurturing. Letting your Solar Plexus take what it needs. Now say, “I DO”

Taryn Pietsch