Discovering the Holistic Path to Health & Happiness

My Journey



It all started when…

Let's face it, health and wellness has always been important - but a more authentic way of life is making it's way into pop culture and current trends. This is ONE thing I am so excited to share with no selfish inclinations. Shifting our perspective on a global scale can only benefit the next generations and give back to our planet. I firmly believe there is room for everyone in this journey, because no matter how small the contribution - if you're bringing something positive to the world, you are doing good. 

If you follow a lot of wellness leaders now, you will see many of them turned to this holistic lifestyle because of physical ailments: illness, acne, digestive issues and allergies, or mental and emotional health issues: anxiety, panic attacks, stress, breakdowns and depression. In the end, it is all intertwined. And my path doesn't differ much from theirs. 

Although physically healthy, I suffered deeply mentally and emotionally leading to years of addiction, self harm, breakdowns and basically putting myself through all kinds of abuse by the lack of self-care I was practicing. I was spiraling down on the inside hitting every snag on the way own, while from the outside I seemed like I had a successful career, working full time as a Mother of 1, who took care of a household and had an incredibly busy social calendar. I took too much on and thought I could handle it. Recipe for a breakdown, and that is exactly what happened. 

There have been so many obstacles along my journey to help push me to the path I am on now, and I am so grateful. Obstacles are not meant to be easy, or else we would continue pushing down the same road we had been on for so long. They are meant to wake us up, shift our perspective and release expectation of what is "meant to be". To stop asking for results and start opening up to answers we didn't know we needed. This notion has shifted me from praying for help and answers, to meditating and asking for guidance while being open, as a channel, to whatever is meant to come.

I truly believe that if this path had been easy, I wouldn't be here. This helps me trust the universe infinitely, because once I let go and trusted my path, letting what is meant to happen happen and setting my intentions, exuding high vibrations through connecting and service, everything has begun to unfold in front of me. And now I have been living in a state of flow for over 6 months - and it is the only truly blissful way to live. 

Thank you for spending time in this space. I hope you take from it what   inspires you and lights your fire. 

I wish you health and happiness, 

Taryn Pietsch